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Link to E-Portfolio

Posted by on Apr 25, 2013 in Work In Progress | 1 comment


Here is the link to my e-portfolio! It’s very much a work in progress so bear with me please. I would love some feedback about what I could change

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WIP – 3 Best Passion Posts

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My Passion Blog this semester continued to focus on the deeper issues of relevant celebrity stories. My favorite posts were the ones that took an issue and really got to the root and asked thoughtful questions in order to encourage debate.

– This post delved into the issue of date rape and it downplay in the media. Rick Ross’s new song has lyrics about drugging a girl and having sex with her. This issue means a lot to me because I have family members that have suffered sexual abuse and I wanted to bring awareness to the severity of the issue.

– This post focused on diversity and how biracial children should be taught about race. Kim Kardashian says that she doesn’t want her child to see color. The issue in this seemingly harmless statement is that in doing so she erases the heritage that both her and Kanye give to their child. Diversity is very important to me and I wanted to touch upon this issue and also share a personal story as to why I wrote this post

– I really liked this post because I talked about how we all get caught up in the glamor of “celebrity life”. Even an event as monumental as the second inauguration of our first black president was sidetracked by other things such as Michelle’s hair or Beyonce’s weave. As my entire blog is an indication of, celebrities are all around us.

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Throughout this semester I have been focusing on the issue of diversity and the various views associated with it. I’ve analyzed diversity form the perspective of a college campus, on a national scale and even on the international scale. I’ve posed questions about the meaning of diversity and its importance in today’s society. The consensus seems to be that without diversity we as a society cannot move forward and without the acknowledgement of this fact we actually move backwards. Today I’m going to get a little more personal and talk about what diversity means to me and how my life experiences have shaped my opinion.

Throughout my life I have been exposed to situations where problems concerning diversity have arisen. From grade Kindergarten to 3rd grade I attended a Catholic school in a rather urban area. Most of my classmates were black which gave me the opportunity to interact with kids my own race. However, after 3rd grade my family and I moved to another town and the school I attended was predominantly white. In fact, I was one of maybe 2 or 3 other black kids. I still remember my first day and the stares I got from children who had never seen a black person before. I got asked questions like, “Are you in a gang?” and “If you’re black, does your skin taste like chocolate”. These curiosities eventually led to deeper problems of racist teachers and exclusions by other girls because of my skin color; something I was aware of even at such a young age.

Even though there were times I felt out of place at a school where I saw little to no color I can say I’m glad that I went through that experience. Looking back, I was able to learn how to interact with people of all cultures and I learned by the examples of others how not to act. Hard situations are supposed to build character. I hope that through my CI blogs I have provided an insight into diversity and the issues associated with it.

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Rap and Rape Culture

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Sooo, we all know the rapper Rick Ross.  About a 150 pounds overweight, perpetually high and has a penchant for performing with his shirt off (As if anyone wants to see that)



Recently he has come under fire for a set of lyrics he penned on a song called “U.O.E.N.O”. The lyrics are as follows:

“Put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it /

I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it,”

I for one think that these lyrics are disgusting not just because they speak of a very common situation but also because they make light of the fact that there really are guys who slip things in girls drinks just so they can have their way with her. Ross apologized for the lyrics and explained that he is in no way condoning rape. Then what exactly do these lyrics mean? They weren’t written for no reason and its a classic cop out to say that its all a misunderstanding.

Men like Ross need to be held accountable for their actions. Even joking about rape can be harmful and what is called a “trigger. Just imagine what it feels like for a woman who has been roofied to listen to lyrics like these. And this isn’t the first instance where a song makes light of a rape situation. Yesterday in the Hub I picked up an “”Only do it with consent” T-shirt and I answered questions concerning rape and rape culture.

This Rick Ross controversy in conjunction with Sexual Violence Awareness Week has made me think a lot about how our society treats rape and rape victims and how discouraging it is that lyrics or comment like Ross’s are seen as harmless or OK. Hopefully sometime in the near future our society can reach a consensus that any frivolous mention of rape is not a joke nor is it something to ever laugh at.


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Advocacy Project Ideas

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So for my advocacy project I’m focusing on why teens have little interest in the news and what can be done to solve this problem. I want to focus on advocating for a new curriculum in schools in order for kids to be given the foundation to have an interest in the current world even years after they graduate. One of my ideas includes a poster where I can showcase some statistics and then maybe tell people what they can do to help. This is what I’m having trouble with . It’s easy to say that I want to make a change but its harder to go  about that change. Here are some ideas that I have for the “What now” part of my project:

  • Have people sign a petition concerning the implementation of a current events based curriculum
  • Tell people to call/ write to their state representative and demand a change
  • Give out pamphlets

I was also considering making one poster for the advocacy fair where there will be honors kids and another poster or flyer for Findlay commons in East where I live. That way I am also reaching out to two slightly different groups of people.

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