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Love is Respect

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So this post is a little bit of a downer. It has to do with soccer player Hope Solo and her new husband Jerramy Stevens. Their recent nuptials may seem like cause for celebration but this may not be the case. The couple, who have been together for just over 2 months, have been in court for the investigation that Stevens may have abused his then- fiancee at a party earlier this week. The arrests and charges didn’t stop the couple from tying the knot soon after Stevens release from jail. However, the media attention from this story have revealed some shocking things about the past of Jerramy Stevens. He has a long and detailed history of violence. His rap sheet includes the rape of a college freshman, assaults, drug use, and DUIs.


What’s important to remember is Hope Solo in this whole situation. Here we have a woman

who is not only marrying a man who she has been dating for 2 months but one who also has a daunting history of violence and who may have hurt her also. Another scary aspect of this is how friends of the couple reacted to their wedding. Not only are they ecstatic for the couple but there is seemingly a lack of concern for the woman who may be in an abusive relationship.

It seems likely that given Stevens’ past history with the legal system that this investigation would be a no-brainer. It also doesn’t seem far-fetched that he may have been violent towards Solo. Hopefully in time the truth can be revealed and if Hope Solo is in fact in a dangerous relationship she can find safety and someone to help her.






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The Makings of a Public Controversy

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An issue becomes a “public controversy” depending on how much people react to it. Nothing becomes controversial without people and their differing opinions and an issue doesn’t become public without a multitude of people with opinions pertaining to the topic. Determining if an issue is public has a lot to do with the media. Media plays an integral part in the lives of everyday people. Just watching the morning news, one can find out all of the hot topics currently circulating in the world. For this reason, the media is probably the biggest way an issue becomes a “public controversy”. Another way of determining what makes an issue “public” is how people react to them. Public controversy usually merit a certain level of outrage among people. The last component of a public controversy is its staying power. Most of these issues are things that someone remembers over a long period power of time. For instance, when I grow older I will still remember the issues of gay marriage, healthcare and so on.

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WIP – TED Talk Presentation

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After class on Tuesday, I reluctantly watched my TED Talk later on in my room. A lot of things in the video surprised me. It’s no secret that public speaking absolutely terrifies me and this was reflected in the video. What surprised me is how little I looked at the camera and it looked so weird in the video because even though I looked at the audience it looks like I’m looking at the ground. I also noticed that I move my hands around A LOT and this probably had something to do with my nervousness. It was actually funny to watch because I kept staring at my hands. Unfortunately I did the whole “Um, like, and” thing. I wish that my nervousness hadn’t affected my presentation so much but this is just indication that the next time I give a speech I can use this experience to improve my performance.

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