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WIP- Paradigm Shift Ideas

Posted by on Oct 12, 2012 in Uncategorized, Work In Progress | 3 comments

For my Paradigm Shift Paper I’m thinking of exploring the shifts in marriage starting in the 90s until now. The reason for choosing this topic is that I have noticed that the way that people view marriage in this generation is vastly different than those of an older

generation. In older years, people viewed marriage as essential to a happy life but now it is viewed as purely a religious institution.I will definitely be looking at various marriage statistics concerning things such as opinions on marriage, gender roles, etc. I will be taking this information from graphics such as the one on the right. I can also draw from personal experiences such as people of an older generation that I can talk to and also my peers from my own generation.

Through our class lesson on Thursday, I already have a couple of credible sources for my paper. Sites such as the CQ Researcher, and the Gale Virtual Library will be very helpful in aiding me with my research. I think that I will be able to excel at researching this topic because marriage is something everyone has an opinion on and can relate too. I will also be able to tie in my personal experiences with things such as marriage and divorce for the paper


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Latinos in Hollywood

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I’m sure some of you have seen the trailer for the new movie Argo starring Ben Affleck. If you haven’t let me explain it to you. The movie is a true story about how during the Iran hostage crisis, a CIA agent got the ball rolling on a fake film production that saved the lives of several people trapped in that country. The movie is also directed by and stars Ben Affleck. At a glance this movie seems good and there seems to be nothing wrong with its premise or casting. What most people don’t know is that the main character, played by Caucasian Ben Affleck, is based on a Latino man.

Are there not enough Latino actors in Hollywood? That can’t be true. According to a survey, Paramount pictures gives top billing to 83% of its white actors while actors of color get 11% of that. If Paramount’s lead actors had been anywhere close with the actual United States population, twenty of their films would have had a Latino lead actor but I can;t remember the last movie I watched with a lead Latino actor.

The movie Argo will not be the last movie to wrongly ignore a Latino actor but its necessary to open up the lines of discussion regarding this topic. This gives up the opportunity to examine how and why racism exists in Hollywood and to discuss how we should combat it. Surely its common sense that a movie about a Latino man should be played by a Latino actor but apparently Hollywood and I disagree on the subject.

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RCL – News Articles

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I’m thoroughly convinced that when people log onto the Internet they lose all common sense. This can be attested by simply looking at the comments section of any news website or blog. For this week’s assignment I ventured onto an article about the recent labor protests of Walmart workers. Apparently, the workers are protesting because of tension between Walmart higher-ups and the labor unions. There have been pay-cuts, longer hours which have caused the protests and walk outs.

When I came across the article I expected to see some empathy for these workers but I was sorely mistaken. Instead, the consensus was that if the workers were unhappy then they should just shut up and quit. Last time I checked there was a 7.8% unemployment rate; I don’t think anyone is quitting their job anytime soon. Also, in these comment sections there seems to be a complete lack of rhetoric. Not only do people argue the content of the news stories but they argue with each other as well. When this happens, there is a complete lack of rhetorical strategies. Online debates are vastly different from a face-to-face interaction because one can hide behind a screen and a keyboard when online. On the internet, there is no need to use social graces or etiquette which accounts for the lack of common sense or niceties. I also find that online debate strays from the main point pretty quickly. One can be arguing about the unemployment rate and suddenly someone brings up that the other person is a nerd living in his mom’s basement. There isn’t usually much sense in online debates

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