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Link to E-Portfolio

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Here is the link to my e-portfolio! It’s very much a work in progress so bear with me please. I would love some feedback about what I could change

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WIP – 3 Best Passion Posts

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My Passion Blog this semester continued to focus on the deeper issues of relevant celebrity stories. My favorite posts were the ones that took an issue and really got to the root and asked thoughtful questions in order to encourage debate.

– This post delved into the issue of date rape and it downplay in the media. Rick Ross’s new song has lyrics about drugging a girl and having sex with her. This issue means a lot to me because I have family members that have suffered sexual abuse and I wanted to bring awareness to the severity of the issue.

– This post focused on diversity and how biracial children should be taught about race. Kim Kardashian says that she doesn’t want her child to see color. The issue in this seemingly harmless statement is that in doing so she erases the heritage that both her and Kanye give to their child. Diversity is very important to me and I wanted to touch upon this issue and also share a personal story as to why I wrote this post

– I really liked this post because I talked about how we all get caught up in the glamor of “celebrity life”. Even an event as monumental as the second inauguration of our first black president was sidetracked by other things such as Michelle’s hair or Beyonce’s weave. As my entire blog is an indication of, celebrities are all around us.

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Advocacy Project Ideas

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So for my advocacy project I’m focusing on why teens have little interest in the news and what can be done to solve this problem. I want to focus on advocating for a new curriculum in schools in order for kids to be given the foundation to have an interest in the current world even years after they graduate. One of my ideas includes a poster where I can showcase some statistics and then maybe tell people what they can do to help. This is what I’m having trouble with . It’s easy to say that I want to make a change but its harder to go  about that change. Here are some ideas that I have for the “What now” part of my project:

  • Have people sign a petition concerning the implementation of a current events based curriculum
  • Tell people to call/ write to their state representative and demand a change
  • Give out pamphlets

I was also considering making one poster for the advocacy fair where there will be honors kids and another poster or flyer for Findlay commons in East where I live. That way I am also reaching out to two slightly different groups of people.

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Advocacy Proposal

Posted by on Apr 4, 2013 in Work In Progress | 1 comment

1. Purpose

-I plan to focus my advocacy project on the trend of teens disinterest in current events and the media. Some ideas for the project and the advocacy fair feature a type of bulletin board of the problem, the statistics, and how the problem can be improved by education. I would like my project to make students think critically of how their participation in these matters is essential in today’s world


2. Audience

My intended audience for this project are college students like myself who either want to get more involved in current events and the world around them or admit to having no interest at all. This audience is the best choice for this topic due to the fact that young people are the problem and also the solution. The solution requires a change in thinking that will start with young people like myself.


3. Medium

I am hoping to create a bulletin board/ poster that can showcase the aspects of the problem surrounding youth not having interest in the world around them. The poster can also show statistics of just how many people don’t watch the news daily or know basic facts of the world (Like how 20% of Americans can’t point to America on a map)

– I hope to deliver this message through the advocacy fair and also draw up flyers to post around my commons


4. Strategies

I think that in order to reach my audience I will establish ethos. I can talk about how even I am not exempt from the problem and that we all need to work together in order to make progress.


5. Schedule

After I submit my persuasive essay I will have a week to complete my advocacy project. Completing the actual poster will not be difficult I just have to make it visually pleasing. I also need to set aside enough days for approval of the flyers to put up in my commons.

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Persuasive Essay (So Far)

Posted by on Mar 21, 2013 in Work In Progress | 1 comment

Teenagers do not care about daily news and current events. It is a simple fact evident in not only in statistics concerning the issue but also in the major gap between teenagers and current events. As a college student I can see firsthand how disenfranchised we students can be about the things that are happening in our world. I would be a hypocrite if I did not admit that I am at times a part of the generational system that ignores national and international events, no matter how important. I would just like to be apart of a generation that is not clueless of where certain countries are on the map or who the speaker of the house is. Everyone should have at least a general knowledge of the world in which they live in no matter their age. Being knowledgeable in daily news events is not a detriment to anyone. There exists an empathy gap between teenagers and the issues of the world surrounding them. They have no interest in the media due to the fact that they are not directly affected by most national and international issues.  Ultimately, I argue that this “empathy gap” that exists in our generation today can be attributed to factors such as the rise of social media and reluctance to hard hitting stories about topics such as the war.

Defining the Empathy Gap


I will explain what the empathy gap and how it relates to young teenagers but also in part relates to us as Americans in a country where we do not have to deal with war and bombings in our backyards.

I will quote author Teju Cole on his definition of the empathy gap and what he does to increase awareness of international events even though they may not affect Americans directly

Teenagers and the Media

Rapid paced social media provides an opportunity to “customize” exactly what type of information they consume daily. Whether it be Facebook or Twitter, the invention of the customiz-able dashboard has allowed us to ignore the more important although at times less interesting news stories

– Addition of statistics about age groups and there involvement in the media

What to do now

-There should be a nationwide implementation of education that heavily infuses current events into the curriculum of all schools. This should be done in a way that has a lasting impact on teenagers and not just an assignment they can hand in; there should be a change in how they view news events.


– Those who will argue that it is not the fault of teenagers that they are not involved in today’s current events

– Education does not adeptly prepare students to become interested in the media

– Youth feel that if they cannot change this world than there is no point in becoming interested in its issues (Apathy)


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