Interpretations of Dreams

What does it mean to dream? Some say that we dream to stay asleep. Other’s say that we sleep to dream. What most people seem to agree on is that there is a sort of importance to dreaming. Dreams give us clues to areas in our lives that require more attention. There are a few common dreams that are known to have significant meanings.

Being chased: Dreaming about being chased signifies that the dreamer is avoiding something and the fear of that something. Dreams of being chased can help the dreamer think about what they might not be addressing in their waking life.

Falling: I have these dreams ALL the time! And the freak me out every time. Dreaming that you are falling can be linked with insecurities or anxieties. You may realize that you feel like your life is out of your control, and that there is nothing you can do about it. Dreaming that you are falling can also be interpreted as a sense of failure about something and the lack of control over it.

Taking a test or having an interview: Many people often dream about running through their school, taking a test, or searching for something that you need and not being able to identify it in the dream. This type of dream can represent you being scrutinized or judged. The dreamer may feel that they are not facing their challenges, or the dreamer may feel weak towards scrutiny.

Flying: Many times when people dream that they are flying, it is a result of lucid dreaming. Dreaming that you are flying can mean that you are in control of the things that matter to you. The dreamer can reflect once they wake up, and recognize whether they have received they insight or knowledge about something. A flying dream can also mean that you feel stable and strong willed. If you are struggling in the dream to keep flying, this may mean that there is an individual in the way of you gaining control.

Teeth falling out: Okay, this dream I have had many times, and it freaks me out. Dreaming of teeth falling out represent an emotional and psychological response of the mind and personality. Being that teeth come from the mouth, it is said that dreaming of teeth falling out has to do with how the dreamer communicates in real life. Teeth falling out represents something that the dreamer could have said in real life that they should not have said. And ike teeth, once someone says something, it cannot be taken back.

You may be asking yourself, why are these dreams so common? It does make sense that a lot of people have the same repeating dreams. All of these dreams are related to many common issues in society. From anxiety, and mis-speaking, to holding frustrations, and avoiding tough issues. As long as these issues continue to present themselves in real life, the dreams will not go away.  One the dreamer actively changes a behavior, then they will stop dreaming these repeating dreams.

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