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About Us

Sport teams and physical activity groups… along with the peers, adult leaders, and family members within them

The Team Lab is housed within the Department of Kinesiology, and is led by Dr. M. Blair Evans. Our group currently includes Dr. Evans alongside two PhD-level scholars, and several undergraduate level students participating in Honors theses or undergraduate internships. We conduct research on social influences in sport and physical activity contexts using a range of approaches, ranging from survey-based correlational research, to experimental studies and in-depth qualitative interviews. We also translate this evidence through knowledge mobilization and are exploring opportunities to develop interventions delivered through peers.

We target the assumption that groups are a vital context for social participation that contributes to well-being, while also being a social factor that substantially shapes physical activity engagement. Our work is rooted in the basic science underpinning how relationships within groups influence the experiences and motives of athletes and exercisers – studying interdependencies, social identities, social networks, and group cohesion.

Recent studies target how we can leverage groups to benefit the health of members. This includes goals to develop basic and applied understanding related to three social issues: (1) promoting positive youth development; (2) reducing health-risk behaviors in emerging adults; and (3) enhancing the social participation of individuals with physical disabilities.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out directly to Dr. Evans! If you are a student curious about opportunities within the Team Lab, a community partner curious about potential to partner, or a colleague interested in connecting – we’d love to hear from you.


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