Monthly Archives: June 2011

Status of Web site maintenance IV

Work is now COMPLETED.

All web sites in the Division are operational including all web applications.  We are experiencing web certificate errors on and will address this either Sunday or Monday depending on whether we need to contact the Penn State Computer Store to resolve.  If there are any questions, problems or concerns, please report them to or call 814-865-7210.

Status of Web site maintenance III

The Division Intranet’s web site is now functional @  We did have a small problem with the current web certificate and therefore had to resort to installing a certificate that expired in February, but services are now available.  Staff would need to select <Continue> to proceed to the site.  We will address this issue either Sunday or Monday when the Penn State Computer Store opens back up.

Important Note: Staff can get to their email and calendars directly by going to

Finally, testing of our .NET applications and Crystal Reports is continuing. 

Status of Web site maintenance

As of 10:00am, all publicly-accessible Websites are available.

We are currently working on web applications like JACS, Counselortrak and Climate/Environment.  Also, we will be working on the Division’s Intranet:


Planned maintenance on web sites

SAIT will be migrating and virtualizing the following web sites on Saturday, June 11, 2011 between 8:00am and 2:00pm:


During the migration, all web sites will be unavailable.  This is to allow SAIT to fully test each web site and web application.  During the day as each web site becomes available, updates will be posted to our blog at 


In order to prepare for this large web site migration, we are setting up a timeframe when web content changes will not be migrated.  Therefore, all web content changes after 5pm Thursday will not be migrated.  Web content changes can be made after we have posted the completion of our migration on our blog identified above.


If you have further questions or concerns, please contact our office at 814-865-7210 or

Professional Activities Assistant adds sustainability option

Staff in Student Affairs now have a new option to track their activities and professional development in the area of sustainability.  The option is in the form of a “yes/no” question and staff are required to have 3 hours of development in sustainability each year.  Staff can access the Professional Activities Assistant through the Staff Intranet at