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Servers are down

It was discovered that some of our servers are down.
We are working on the solution.
Systems down include (JACS, Climate, RLION, eStudentUnion, Titanium, Footprints, LGBTA forms, Off Campus Living, CS The Book, etc., and all Student Affairs websites).
Email and the U:, S:, and H: drives are functional.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

Student Affairs Information Technology
Service Desk

UCS – Liaison Meeting Notes 07.12.12

Paul Crum
Kathy Early
Ellie Chapman
Teri Spence
Leann Terry
Christine Wilson
Rani Poague


  • Basic Workflows Overview
    • Emails
    • Events/Appts
    • Contacts
    • Tasks
  • Workflows
    • Shared Resources (Mailboxes – Calendars, Inbox, etc.)
    • Comprise and finalize list by July 31st
  • Migration Strategy
    • SAIT is currently migrating users to a more stable storage group
    • Student Affairs migration date is still not firm but looking at the month of November as the potential timeframe
  • SA/Unit Specific Questions/Concerns
  • Training
    • Timeline/Scheduling
    • Liaisons vs. Staff
      • Liaisons may look into taking the training sooner than later since they will be the “boots on the ground” contact when the actual units transfer to UCS
      • Timeframe for staff will be dependent on the actual scheduled migration dates
  • Homework
    • Create (1) Contact from scratch
      • Then from an existing email outside of Penn State
    • Create (1) Contact Group using members of this team
      • Send email to group
    • Create (1) Recurring event
    • Create (1) email from Contact
    • Create (1) Task with Due Date/Time