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UCS – Liaison Meeting Notes 07.12.12

Paul Crum
Kathy Early
Ellie Chapman
Teri Spence
Leann Terry
Christine Wilson
Rani Poague


  • Basic Workflows Overview
    • Emails
    • Events/Appts
    • Contacts
    • Tasks
  • Workflows
    • Shared Resources (Mailboxes – Calendars, Inbox, etc.)
    • Comprise and finalize list by July 31st
  • Migration Strategy
    • SAIT is currently migrating users to a more stable storage group
    • Student Affairs migration date is still not firm but looking at the month of November as the potential timeframe
  • SA/Unit Specific Questions/Concerns
  • Training
    • Timeline/Scheduling
    • Liaisons vs. Staff
      • Liaisons may look into taking the training sooner than later since they will be the “boots on the ground” contact when the actual units transfer to UCS
      • Timeframe for staff will be dependent on the actual scheduled migration dates
  • Homework
    • Create (1) Contact from scratch
      • Then from an existing email outside of Penn State
    • Create (1) Contact Group using members of this team
      • Send email to group
    • Create (1) Recurring event
    • Create (1) email from Contact
    • Create (1) Task with Due Date/Time