Daily Archives: November 16, 2012

EMS-Enterprise Events Management Update Scheduled

On Monday, 11/19/2012 between 7am-8am, the EMS-Enterprise Events Management Systems will be updated.

https://reservations.psu.edu will be down momentarily during this time period.

The staff in Student Affairs (HUB, RL, PRCC, CERA, UHS), Arts & Architecture, and the Libraries who have the client installed on their machines will need to have the client updated before using EMS. The desktop client rollouts will start after 8am on Monday. Please contact your appropriate departmental IT staff if your desktop client has not been updated by 9:30am on Monday, 11/19/2012.

If you try to use the previous version of the desktop client you will most likely receive an error notifying you that an update is available. If you don’t receive an error when you open EMS, please check the versions before proceeding:
Help – About EMS Enterprise
    EMS Enterprise Version 7.0
    Server Version: 43
    Application Version:
    Patch Number: 2012.11.01.0

If you experience any problems, please report them to:
Student Affairs Information Technology
Service Desk

Thank You!