Weekend Maintenance is Over – list updated 7/16/2015 8:10am

Weekend Maintenance is Over. All critical sites and pages are functional.

We will resume work with the remaining sites and pages on Monday.

The status of the sites/pages is listed below. Please note that URL changes are noted where applicable.

Site / WebApp Status New URL
Student Affairs Site studentaffairs.psu.edu Available
Student Affairs Intranet stuaff Removed
Edge edge.psu.edu Available
Victim Resources victimresources.psu.edu Available externally
HealthyPennState healthypennstate.psu.edu Available externally
Penn State Pride Week prideweek.psu.edu Available externally
National Coming Out Week ncodw.psu.edu Available externally
Penn State Parents Program parentprogram.psu.edu Available externally
Parent Info parentinfo.psu.edu Available
Career Fairs careerfairs.psu.edu Available externally
myUHS Available
RxLion pharmacy prescription refills Available 7/15/2015 4:35pm  https://studentaffairs.psu.edu/health/rxlion/rxlion.aspx
Advisor/Co-Advisor Request Not available
Alumni NLACN Request Form Available 7/13/2015 10am
BAC Calculator Available
Basics Tracking Available https://studentaffairs.psu.edu/health/basicstracking
CAPS’ Community Provider Database Available
Career Fair Payment Available
Climate dashboard Available
Climate reporting Available
Club Sports Programs Available 7/13/2015
Directors Meeting Minutes Available http://studentaffairs.psu.edu/vpsa/dirmeetings/
Display Greek Chapters Available
Educational Programming Record Available 7/13/2015
Elections Not available. New version 201516FA
Elections Ballot Builder and Reporting Not available. New version 201516FA
estudentunion Available 7/13/2015
estudentunion angel data Not available
Going Global Available
Involvement Fair Available 7/14/2015 12pm
JACS Available  http://studentaffairs.psu.edu/conduct/jacs
JACS NonDisclosure Available
JACS Reporting Not available
Know the Code Available
Legal Services Intake Form Available
LGBTQA Tally Available https://studentaffairs.psu.edu/lgbtqa/tally
Nittany Lion Alumni Download Available 7/15/2015 9:45am https://studentaffairs.psu.edu/career/NittanyLionAlumniDownload/administration
Off Campus Living Available
Office Space Not available Will be replaced with Qualtrics 201516FA
Professional Activities Assistant Reporting Available
RL Directory Available 7/13/2015
Rlion – RA Incidents on line Available https://studentaffairs.psu.edu/reslife/rlion
SAIT Angel for Clubs setup Not available
Sexual Violence Education at Penn State Available
Student Affairs Library Available 7/13/2015 (no reporting)
Student Organization Treasurers Not available
Student Organizations – Directory Available
Titanium Kiosk Available
UHS Wiki Available https://studentaffairs.psu.edu/health/uhswiki
Union and Student Activities Dept Staff Available
View/Extract Parent Data Info Not available
Welcome Week Leaders and Hall Haulers Not available
Workshop: Find Your Future Available
Workshop: Introduction to the Isms Available http://edge.ps.edu/workshops/mc/isms
Workshop: Landlord/Tenant Available http://edge.psu.edu/workshops/sls/tenant
Workshop: Power and Privilege Available http://edge.psu.edu/workshops/mc/power
Workshop: Rayman’s Recipe for Career Success Available
Workshop: Stereotypes, Prejudice, and Discrimination Available http://edge.psu.edu/workshops/mc/stereotypes
Workshop: Stress and Self-Help Strategies to Manage Stress Available http://edge.psu.edu/workshops/stressmgmt
Workshop: Student Guide to Nutrition and Healthy Eating Available http://edge.psu.edu/workshops/nutrition
CS TheBook Available 7/15/2015 4:50pm https://studentaffairs.psu.edu/career/apps/TheBook
Account Request Form Available 7/15/2015 3pm https://studentaffairs.psu.edu/it/accounts.shtml


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