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UCS – Liaison Meeting Notes 07.12.12

Paul Crum
Kathy Early
Ellie Chapman
Teri Spence
Leann Terry
Christine Wilson
Rani Poague


  • Basic Workflows Overview
    • Emails
    • Events/Appts
    • Contacts
    • Tasks
  • Workflows
    • Shared Resources (Mailboxes – Calendars, Inbox, etc.)
    • Comprise and finalize list by July 31st
  • Migration Strategy
    • SAIT is currently migrating users to a more stable storage group
    • Student Affairs migration date is still not firm but looking at the month of November as the potential timeframe
  • SA/Unit Specific Questions/Concerns
  • Training
    • Timeline/Scheduling
    • Liaisons vs. Staff
      • Liaisons may look into taking the training sooner than later since they will be the “boots on the ground” contact when the actual units transfer to UCS
      • Timeframe for staff will be dependent on the actual scheduled migration dates
  • Homework
    • Create (1) Contact from scratch
      • Then from an existing email outside of Penn State
    • Create (1) Contact Group using members of this team
      • Send email to group
    • Create (1) Recurring event
    • Create (1) email from Contact
    • Create (1) Task with Due Date/Time

UCS – Liaison Meeting Notes 06.28.12

      Introduction of Agenda

      Review of Survey

o  The division is currently using mobile devices more than expected

      Results of the survey were forwarded to ITS

      Update on Migration Date

      In order to thoroughly test migration tools, migration date has been moved back to September

o  That means that we’ll be looking at November

o  We’re working with ITS to do a split or rolling migration when units are able.

o  What are the criteria for early migration?

      Completely unable to migrate during November time frame

      Lack of communication with other SA departments (Self-Contained)

      Accounts have been created for Liaisons

o  Ben Locke (CAPS) has migrated to UCS completely.  Is approaching the 3GB limit.  Is inquiring about storage increases.

o email addresses will be forwarded to UCS.  If requested, SA accounts can be migrated and forwarded before the formal migration


o  Liaisons will be offered off-site training in Wagner building.

o  We’ll be working with ITS to setup training for other staff.

o  What will training look like before, during, after migration?

      We may do some training before migration (Videos? Documents?)

      We’ll build FAQs as we support users.

o  How to introduce this to your units?

      Add something to unit meeting notes

      IT staff are available to attend meetings

      During the meeting, we received word from Mike that accounts had been created.

o forwarders have not been set

o  We demo’d how to forward email address in

o  A quick start guide was included.  I’ve attached it here.

      Question was asked if we could run mobile while still using exchange.

o  Yes.  Call IT for more info.

      Question was asked if liaisons could talk to someone who had a bad experience as well as someone who had a good experience.

o  Yes.  IT can provide references.

      Question was asked if an address list could be provided to liaisons until migration?

o  Yes.  IT will provide this.

      Assigned Home Work

o  Double check email users in area

o  Define any shared email addressed and answer the following questions

      Does this address need to be in the GAL?

      Do you need email for this address (Obviously, yes)

      Do you need a calendar for this address?

      Do you need a briefcase for this address?

      What is the full email address? (ex:

      If there are questions, see Parker

o  Public folders?  Who’s using them?

o  Find any application specific workflows.

      General questions

o  Will we have to recreate delegates?