What could we do with layered structures with just the right layers?

What would the properties of materials be if we could really arrange the atoms the way we want them… I can hardly doubt that when we have some control of the arrangement of things on a small scale, we will get an enormously greater range of possible properties that substances can have…

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Our group constitutes a truly multidisciplinary effort focused on understanding the Physics and Chemistry of materials at the nanoscale. In particular, we study low dimensional materials that mainly involve 1- and 2-Dimensions, ranging from carbon nanotubes and graphene nanoribbons to graphene, boron nitride and chalcogenide monolayers (e.g. WS2, MoS2, NbS, etc). The group concentrates on challenging synthesis of novel nanoscale materials (1D and 2D) with unprecedented physico-chemical properties. Within the group and with close collaborators, we also perform theoretical first-principles calculations that predict electronic, chemical, optical and magnetic properties. We also focus our research on performing state of-the-art characterization of the produced materials using electronic transport, photo-transport, Raman spectroscopy, aberration corrected transmission electron microscopy, photoluminescence, electron energy loss spectroscopy, and others. Based on these properties, we also explore possible applications, in collaboration with industrial partners, including molecular sensors, photo-detectors, multifunctional coatings, virus detection/isolation, batteries, etc. Seven main research areas include:

  1. Synthesis and Theory of Carbon nanotube 3-Dimensional networks
  2. Synthesis and Theory of Graphene, Doped Graphene and 2D Materials
  3. Characterization and in-situ studies of Nanoscale Materials: 1D & 2D Materials
  4. Fabrication of Nanoscale Opto-electronic devices
  5. Defects Engineering of Nanoscale Materials: 1D & 2D Materials
  6. Bio-applications and Biocompatibility of Nanoscale Materials: 1D & 2D Materials
  7. Applications: Molecular Sensors, Photo-detectors, Multifunctional coatings, Virus detection/isolation, Batteries, etc.

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Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.“

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