Archi Dasgupta

Researpicture_Archich Summary:

  • Synthesis of Large Area Carbon Nanotubes Network via Nanoscale Welding : Developing and optimizing a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) based method to synthesize large area (cm2 -scale) networks of individually interwelded carbon nanotubes. Such process results in the formation of clearly identifiable X-, Y- and T- junction-like morphologies among individual nanotubes comprising the obtained covalently bonded network. Studies concerning mechanical and structural properties of these materials are under progress
  • Adsorption Studies on Graphene Based Materials towards Environmental Application: Investigation of adsorption of organic contaminants such as nitrobenzene and aniline on novel graphene based materials such as graphene nanoribbons and graphene derived from rice-husk and comparison with commercial activated carbons and carbon black. To understand the kinetic and thermodynamic parameters of adsorption, systematic study of surface properties such as surface area, porosity, zeta potential and chemical composition is also being performed.
  • Synthesis of Graphene Oxide and Carbon Nanotubes Based Porous Solids: Synthesis and characterization self-standing solids consisting of graphene oxide and carbon nanotubes via hydrothermal methods followed by freeze-drying technique and studying their adsorption properties towards organic dyes.

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