Christopher Rotella

Chris Rotella

Short Description of Research:
My work is primarily focused around Carbon Nanotubes. I am currently attempting the growth of 3D nanostructures of interconnected nanotubes. With different dopants, carbon nanotubes grow branches and I am looking into using this phenomenon to make nanotube junctions. Also as a part of the 3D project, I am investigating the “welding” of nanotubes together by depositing amorphous carbon to create junctions. Another project I am working on is the creation of devices used for virus diagnosis. These devices utilize carbon nanotube forests to trap virus cells so they can then be later identified. Nitrogen doping of the nanotube forests is essential to reduce the cytotoxicity.

crotella92 AT gmail DOT com

Office Phone Number:

205 Osmond Laboratory
University Park, Pa 16801