Haoyue(Ray) Zhu

HaoyuRay Zhu_croppede Zhu got his Bachelor of Science degree from University of Wisconsin Madison in 2012, where he worked as an undergraduate research assistant in the group of Dr. Song Jin. His undergraduate research is about the synthesis of mesopurous metal oxide materials and their applications in phosphopeptide enrichments. He then joined the group of Dr. Mauricio Terrones in 2012 after starting his graduate school in Pennsylvania State University, and he worked in the synthesis and application of graphene, a novel two-dimensional material. His work features in synthesizing graphene with different dopants, which might modify the electronic and chemical properties of graphene, and synthesizing graphene on substrates that are made of different materials or having different morphologies, which might results in interesting composite materials.



hzz111 AT psu DOT edu

217 Osmond Laboratory
University Park, Pa 16801