Yin-Ting(Tim) Yeh

Yin-Ting Tim Yeh_croppedShort Description of Research Activity:
My multidisciplinary study focuses on developing point-of-care technologies for rapid detection of infectious diseases. I integrate nanostructured materials (e.g. carbon nanotube, graphene, nanowires, and nanoparticles) with microfabrication (photolithography, sputter coating, PDMS micro-molding) into a hand-held micro-device for virus detection. One of my recent achievements is direct capture and detection of avian influenza viruses through the enrichment of viruses from clinical samples of poultry. Specifically, I characterize the device performances through conventional influenza analysis methods—PCR, fluorescent antibody test, ELISA, and virus culture—using chicken as animal models. Engineering advanced nanostructured materials, my device allows me to capture viruses of different sizes without antibodies and to detect viruses using next generation sequencing (NGS). Without prior knowledge of the viruses, I employ NGS to detect viruses and the emerging ones through a whole genome assembly and identify single nucleotide variants.


yxy155 AT psu DOT edu

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205 Osmond Laboratory
University Park, Pa 16801