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Where are the Voices for Science and Production Agriculture?

Terry Etherton

I am shocked by the factors that drive agriculture policymaking at every level today. Decision makers in the public and private sectors are increasingly influenced by a cohort of activist anti-animal ag advocacy groups whose credibility should at best be questioned and at worst be dismissed absolutely. The example I discussed previously of “Starbucksbeing pushed by Food & Water Watch and Organic Consumers Association to stop buying milk containing rbST is a good case study of this. Continue reading Where are the Voices for Science and Production Agriculture?

Self-Inflicted Stupidity

Dennis Halladay
Hoard’s West

Published – March 2007

This is an informative article about the ongoing rbST public debate. As you will see, Mr. Halladay is outraged about a decision made by a dairy cooperative in California (CDI) to NOT accept milk from cloned cows or rbST-supplemented cows. I, too, am appalled at the decision that was made by CDI.
Continue reading Self-Inflicted Stupidity

Starbucks at it Again

Terry Etherton

Another week, another full page ad in the Sunday New York Times from Starbucks. How much do these go for now, $80k, $100k? (Maybe they are getting a discount because of this agreement.) This week’s version touts their relationship with the small farms from whom they purchase their beans—at a premium price, they point out. I wonder if they are aware that American dairy farmers are not getting those same premiums from the processors who supply Starbucks the milk that they are now demanding be from cows not treated with supplemental recombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST). Continue reading Starbucks at it Again