GMOs and Nature – One and the Same

Terry D.Etherton

A recent post on the New York Times Freakonomics blog presented insightful information about the nonsense some in the “media” are conveying that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are “unnatural”.  The blog is a refreshing and interesting story about GMOs being natural, and that adoption of them is not going to up-heave the natural world in some mysterious manner. 

In the post, “GMOs and Mother Nature? Closer Than You Think”, the author (James McWilliams) cited a discovery published by scientists in Sweden that cross-species gene transfer happens even without human intervention in nature — and this been occurring for 700,000 years.  Mr. McWilliams concluded that this supports the scientific position that genetic modification is just a continuation of trait selection, and underscores the importance of not excluding any means of food production by incorrectly deeming it “unnatural.” Mr. McWilliams writes, “To divide the precious manifestation of that fight – our food supply – into “real” and “frankenfood” insults not only those who grow and produce our food, but nature itself.”
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