Monthly Archives: November 2013

Back to Blogging about Science and the Food System

Readers of my blog (Terry Etherton Blog on Biotechnology) are aware that my last blog was posted in December 2011.  I had blogged since 2006 and got to the “spot” where I felt the need to take a break.  On the topics I was writing about, there was the reality that many issues that emerged were similar to topics I had addressed previously.  The phenomenon of “what goes around, comes around” was evident.

Having elected to “unplug” from social media has been cathartic , and I am ready to resume blogging.   To use my blog as a forum to present my views about important issues (the spectrum of these is presented in the Categories list on the right side of the page) that confront the public.

As I have shared previously, my perspective is that application of science is important  to discover and develop new biotechnologies and technologies that in the future will help feed a growing world. And do so in a way that provides safe and wholesome foods.

Standby…the next blog will be posted the week of December 2.