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Are You Hungry?

Terry D. Etherton

I have spent the last few weeks attending many Holiday celebrations and receptions.  A key component of these fabulous gatherings has been all of the delicious food.  In addition, I have received many food gifts from family, friends and colleagues.

We are deeply fortunate to live in a country where there is “food galore”. This reflects the impressive nature of our food system, from farm to fork, and the many science and technological advances that allowed this “to happen”.   However, I wish to remind my readers that there are many in the World that suffer from too much food, as well as too little food.  Both of these “bring” pressing social and health issues. Continue reading Are You Hungry?

Land of Plenty – Overweight and Obesity in America

Terry D. Etherton

There is an ongoing overweight/obesity epidemic in the United States.  Estimates from the National Center for Health Statistics are that about 66% of Americans are either overweight of obese! This epidemic not only poses a health problem for overweight/obese individuals, but also represents a rapidly expanding burden on health care costs in America. Continue reading Land of Plenty – Overweight and Obesity in America