Ideas for Passion Blog, Civic Issues, and “This I Believe” Podcast

My two ideas for my Passion blog are a bit of a departure from the one I did last semester, which was very civic-oriented (feminism and all that jazz). I wanted to have a little more fun with it this time around since we’re also doing a Civic Issues blog where I can get all my liberal monologues out of my system. I’m volleying back and forth between a blog about modern hard rock, and one about ancient mythologies. I really like modern hard rock, and I think the genre is often under-appreciated and misunderstood. I’d love to write about its nuances each week. However, I’m a tad more interested in writing about mythology, specifically because I don’t know as much about it, and I’d like to learn more. My plan for that one would be to pick a certain creature or story each week, research it, and write about what I find. I could also talk about how those stories influenced the cultures of the civilizations they grew out of. And I would take requests, if any readers were curious about a certain story. ๐Ÿ™‚

I was thinking about doing women’s issues again for my Civic Issues blog, but I tend to choose the topics I want to learn about based on what I think will be best for me to know in the long run, which means choosing something different and learning about things I’m not familiar with. My two ideas stem from one of my majors: Political Science. I’d either like to talk about party politics, or foreign affairs. At this point I’m leaning toward foreign affairs. Although I’m very passionate about national politics, I honestly feel like it’s been over-talked quite a bit lately. Additionally, the two poli-sci classes I’ve taken/am taking this year are Comparative Government and International Relations–both of which are best for helping me analyze foreign affairs. I know that the Civic Issues websites suggests looking at the US’s foreign policy, but I’ll probably also be looking at the policies of other countries as well. You can’t really know what’s going on unless you study both sides.

For my “This I Believe” podcast, I’ve been considering talking about people’s right to education. I was raised by two parents with PhD’s, and they’ve always taught me that education is the most important thing I could do for myself. As I grew up and learned more about the disadvantages of people who never receive an education, I became even more certain of this belief. I want to talk about why I find education so important, and why it’s only fair that everyone have access to it. I’ve also been thinking about doing my podcast on the value of service, and how helping people in your community can actually make you think and feel like a better person. I would talk about how it’s not only a way for you to improve people’s lives, but also a way to see both sides of the story, and become more empathetic to those less fortunate than yourself.


  1. Annika Trude Hansen

    I think the podcast about the value of community service. I am taking a seminar this semester about global aid and we’ve been talking about the value of it from the perspective of the donors and recipients. I would love to hear about your experiences and how you’ve seen the impact of service from a personal level.

  2. Wilson Noah Mazile

    I believe that your podcast will be an important podcast to hear. It’s very interesting and with your experience with education. I know it will very educational to read.

  3. For your Passion blog, I’d really love to read about mythology! It’s interesting and you will definitely have enough content to write on for the rest of the semester.

    For Civic Issues, I think talking about foreign affairs could make for a really substantial blog. A lot is going on in the world today as we are more and more connected, and it’s definitely interesting to understand how all of it connects and comes together.

  4. Alexander Bilger

    On the subject of mythology, being at least mildly familiar with it, it is an incredibly interesting subject, while also being incredibly weird. If you don’t believe me, look up “Hermaphroditus”. It would certainly be interesting to see you respond to some of the myths that I’m familiar with and perhaps learn more about the ones I don’t know.

  5. Mahbub Ahsan Rashid

    My parents are also highly educated and they often emphasize the importance of education and hence I came here from far away for the sake of better education so that I can use it as a drive force in my life and do good for both myself and also others.

  6. I’d love to read about mythology! If your political science classes give you tons of material, I definitely think you can write about it in your civic issues blog. There are many foreign policies that can be debated, and comparing other governments to the US gives an interesting perspective to your blog. Your story about 2 parents with PhD’s would be great for the “This I Believe” podcast.

  7. Honestly, I love all of your ideas. I also like modern hard rock so I would love to know your thoughts about the genre, but mythology sounds very interesting as well. Would you only talk about the mythology of a certain region? or would it be different regions each time? Cause if you want some suggestions, I know Japan has many unique mythological creatures and lots of folklore stories!

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