Modern educayshun

America has gone a long way since the very first declaration of independence and the ten amendments to achieve its ideology as “one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all” (Independence Hall Association). However, one must asks oneself whether the notion of absolute right and freedom is the key toward true liberty or the route toward tyranny and constraint. The 2015 video, Modern Educayshun, written and directed by Neel Kolhatkar, questions this notion by demonstrating the “potential dangers of a hypersensitive culture bred by social media and political correctness” (Kolhatkar). Through a wide usage of imagery, rhetorical strategies, and styles, the video relates to the viewers, and questions their view points toward the true nature of social justice.

Throughout the US history, the society has always seek justice by challenging the seemingly unfair privileges between different genders, sexualities, religions, political affiliations, ages, races, beliefs, social classes, socioeconomic standings, or other characteristic of background or group membership (Robinson). While the intention behind this ideology is good and worth noticing, the method used to achieve it has gotten out of control to a point where the intention is altered to an extreme. In fact, in nowadays society, there are many people, who called themselves Social Justice Warriors, exacerbate the problem by dehumanizing anyone who uses words that might offend any group of minority people. To make the matter worse, the media disseminates this ideology toward every corner of the country, leading to the formation of Political Correctness, or the fear and avoidance of using any potential words or methods that might evidently offend someone. Modern Educayshun indirectly criticizes this extremeness through a scary yet funny paradoxical presentation that uses satire imagery and speeches.

The short movie is set in an advance math classroom, where math is traditionally taught. However, in the extreme unorthodox world that the Neel describes, a math classroom teaches social correctness instead of math. In this scenario, he uses an atypical math classroom as a metaphor of a “seemingly” fair educational system. It makes sense in both the context and nowadays society because not everyone is privilege enough to get a higher education. This atypical presentation of a math classroom contradicts the traditional and common math classroom that the audience usually has; thus, it draws attention from the viewers, while making them question the correctness of this atypical social correctness classroom. The video further helps the viewers emerge into the classroom by putting a normal student inside this atypical classroom to act as a linkage. After getting the viewers to put their own shoes inside that world, the author uses a wide variety of contradictions to criticize the extreme form of political correctness.

One of the best contradictions the author made is the fact that the “Social Justice Warriors” attack the man for “belittle everything down to a singular color” while they, themselves, are all wearing black. The author wilily make uses of logos in this scenario by proving that the SJWs are contradicting what they believing in, that their fervor for social justice and their words are not consistent. Still, an appeal to logic is not the true intention of the author. Instead, the author tries to convince the viewers of the inherent danger of Political Correctness by subconsciously calling out their sense of fear while using funny and extreme representations of the reality through the normal male student. Imagine a society where everything is criticized just because a term or color is used, where every commonplaces that we have known of is reversed. Such society gives not freedom but rather restraint on its citizens. In the words of George Carlin, “political correctness is America’s newest form of intolerance, and it is especially pernicious because it comes disguised as tolerance” (Carlin). The movie did a great job in exposing these disguises by creating an extreme yet honest scenario, where everyone speaks and conveys their thoughts and feelings on their beliefs. These radical thoughts and feelings are then heightened through conflictions, which in turn, explodes into radical and irrational actions. Even so, all these thoughts, emotions, and actions are ignored and nullified by the SJWs as woman says: “Ignore that. It will end.”

This statement is a metaphor that that woman uses for glorifying their objectives while disregarding other opinions. The first part of the statement “ignore that” refers to the man-in-the-box, which is a metaphor for the nonconformists. Instead of listening and reflecting on the man’s idea civically, the SJWs ignore every comment that he made while sticking tightly onto their selfish ideology of justice. Thus, there is no true conversation in the first place, only negligence and ignorance. Then the woman states “it will end” indicating the end of all nonconformists and the beginning of the new world. The two terms pair well together because there is no need to pay attention to what is about to disappear.

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