RCL #2 – It’s what I do

Nana’s story of love was quite interesting. It makes you think whether or not it’s better to gamble a little and pursue your passion or to pick the more stable option. Addario includes this story partly because she said she could never forget it. It was powerful enough to stick in her mind. The reason it stuck with her is because she doesn’t want to regret not pursuing her passion. Addario seems to be bought in totally to her passion, photography. She asked her father and his partner to give her money that would be reserved for a wedding, up front instead, so that she could invest it in her career. This is a big and bold move that really goes to show how much her passion means to her. Lots of people choose to pursue their passion as a career but this can often be extremely challenging. It’s often scary because the pursuit of a passion isn’t usually an easy career path. With the struggles of pursuing your passion as a career comes lots of doubts and uncertainties that can be terrifying.


As I am writing about my passion for crazy socks I cannot necessarily recall specific advice. Reading about Nana’s story and her thoughts on missing out on passion makes me think of a career. Pursuing a career through a passion is something most of us strive to do. Now as of right now I don’t intend to have a career that incorporates crazy socks. However recently I’ve been thinking about being a Behavioral Psychologist. This would incorporate my interest of Psychology and my curiosity of Business. There are plenty of sock brands out there that could use help with their marketing and overall selling of socks. I’ve been told many times before “No matter what you do in life, find something you love”. Well I definitely love socks.

One thought on “RCL #2 – It’s what I do

  1. Hey Roan! I love your points made in the first paragraph about finding your passion and deciding whether or not to pursue it. However, I do disagree with you in the sense that I don’t believe Addario is only talking about passions in a career oriented way. Nana’s story is about love, and oriented in the pursuit of happiness and exploitation of one’s passion which does not exclude the likes of hobbies.

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