RCL #6 – It’s What I Do

As a conflict photographer, Addario regularly faces challenges in her work and in her personal life. I mean, conflict is literally in the title of her job.

On pages 151-152 she said something that really hit me. “The sadness and injustice I encountered as a journalist could either sink me into a depression or open the door to a vision of my own life. I chose the latter.” While I’ve never had the experiences that Addario has had, such as financial issues, the struggles of pursuing a stressful career, or the strain of a difficult romantic relationship I have struggled with my own mind in the past. Addario’s quote is relatable to her audience because while the experiences she has had are unique, the quote itself can be applied to anyone who has had gone through struggles but stayed strong and pushed through them.

Back in 10th grade I went through a long 8 months of anxiety and depression. I won’t get into details but it was a very dark and difficult time for me. It was the biggest struggle I’ve had to go through in my life. Like Addario I could’ve let my problems keep me in a depression or even dig me deeper, or I could’ve done something about it and focused on making my life happier. Like Addario I chose the latter. Dealing with the struggle of my own thoughts everyday was tough. For the first few months I was stuck in a rut unable to pull myself out. I was sinking, going nowhere for quite sometime. Eventually I realized I was going to have to make a change even if that change would be difficult. Instead of choosing to stay in the dark place that I was at I chose to work to make myself stronger, happier, and better. I had to completely rewire my way of thinking. It was an active process that required a lot of effort but it paid off. I’m a much stronger and happier person than I was 2 years ago.

What does this have to do with my passion? Well, my passion is socks and I’ve never really had a struggle with socks. They’ve been good to me. However I did get serious about my sock collection in 10th grade.


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