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Effective writing should allow the audience to visualize scenes created by the author. We should be able to see what Addario sees. Throughout the novel she is often effective in creating an image of the wild and often frightening things she comes across. Luckily for us Addario’s talent for photography¬†literally allows us to see exactly what she saw. Through the photos she’s taken we can have a better understanding of the horrors she witnessed.

One photo that stood out to me was on page the 18th page of the 3rd group of photos. It’s an image of a little boy with a battered up face and bandages on him. The photo is very detailed, showing dirt and small scratches on his face. The photo makes me feel sad, I feel bad for the boy. No one should have to experience the terrors of war especially not children. It is sad to see those who are so new to the world with lots ahead of them damaged by the horrific experiences they endure at such a young age.

Another photo that stuck out to me is on the 11th page of the 2nd group of photos. Its shows bloodied, Kurdish soldiers carrying another injured soldier. This photo just gets to me because of the bloody dirty soldiers. I just cant imagine being in a war zone. The constant violence would be draining for me mentally and emotionally. I give a lot of respect to Addario for doing what she does because it’s not something I would wanna sign myself up for.

I’m not much of a photographer. I don’t know how effectively I’ll be able to use photo or video in my passion blog as it pertains to socks. However it can sometimes be hard to picture exactly what the socks look like so I’ll still use photos.

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  1. Roan,

    Really like the analysis on the pictures that you chose. Addario really is effective with the images that she chooses, especially the people. Particularly with children, it’s tough to see them hurt or injured in any sense. Wartime is a very tough time for people, both in and out of combat, and your blog entry did a nice job of showing that.
    Even though you’re not a photographer, I’d still like to see pictures your sock collection! There’s a lot of cool designs socks can have and I think you can really show that with a few pictures. Even if you don’t take them, maybe you can find some online.


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