Paradigm Shift Draft

In the early 20th century it was the norm to have a sit-down dinner with the whole family. Everyone gathered around the table, sharing their stories of the day was what would be seen in nearly every American family. Fast forward to present day and the dining rooms in American homes look drastically different. Once seen with every member seated around the table, these dining rooms can too often be found empty. Some family members are out of the house, in their rooms or in the living room watching TV. In fact more family members are out of the house now than before. The role of mothers and women in the household has shifted from being the ones who would take care of the house and prepare dinner to the ones who are busy with work. The economy today requires women to work rather than stay at home and take care of the house and cook meals. More families today have both parents working rather than only one. The market around eating has changed too. It doesn’t take much to find a meal today. Places like McDonald’s and Taco Bell make it incredibly easy to get a meal. With the changes in the role of women in the household and the rise of convenient on-the-go dining, we now see traditional sit down dinners as more difficult to arrange.

Things I wanna touch on

  • Fast food and convenient on-the-go eating
  • TV dinners and other quickly made food items
  • Change to role of women in the household
  • Women work more and have less time to prepare something like a sit down meal
  • Maybe talk about how kids are busy with after school activities
  • Mention polls and surveys that act as evidence of this change
  • Also maybe look at health changes since some “experts” claim that health changes act as evidence to these dining changes. I mean maybe McDonalds isnt really good for you or anything.

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