RCL #9

TED Outline Format
Oral Content

Topic: Family Dinner

Purpose: To encourage the return to the family dinner and promote the benefits of traditional family dining

Thesis Statement: This shift has detrimental effects on the nuclear family and individuals as it disrupts the way families bond and the way children grow and develop in a social setting.


Attention Strategy/
Orienting Material: How will you begin this presentation in a way that appropriately garners audience attention? Idk. I’ll think of something later on.


  • More people are becoming unhappy with this shift
    • Discuss step mother, mom and people who grew up with traditional family dining
  • Family is a social institution
    • Children learn language and social skills through family dinner
      • Research shows that children who eat dinner regularly with their families are more successful in school
  • Children gain sense of structure
    • Discuss dinner being a routine and how necessary and comforting that structure is
  • Family dinner gives people a sense of community
    • Smallest example of a community

Family dinners can help you bond with members of your family but also beyond
These dinners can bring forth a feeling of support


Concluding Remark –I encourage you all to make the return to traditional family dining. It may not always be easy but the benefits are worth the effort.

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