RCL #4 Blog

1. “Don’t tread on me”
2. Explain brief history
a. The snake on the flag is inspired by Ben Franklin’s “Join or Die” political cartoon depicting a rattlesnake cut into pieces representing the colonies. The symbol of the flag accompanied by the phrase “Don’t tread on me” was first seen on the drums of a few marine units during the revolutionary war. Named after a colonel in the continental Army, Christopher Gadsden the flag came about when the colonel chose a man named Esek Hopkins to be the commander-in-chief of the Navy. On one of Gadsden’s ships, Hopkins flew the flag that would become known today as the Gadsden Flag.

1. Why was the artifact necessary? (What was/is the artifact responding to?)
The flag was originally necessary as a symbol to stand up to British tyranny. It was intended to be a symbol of American strength, willpower, unity, and liberty.

2.Has the need for the artifact changed over time?
The flag has gone from a military jack and symbol to protest the British rule, to a symbol of American strength and a symbol of liberty.

3. Does the artifact have different meanings for different groups of people?
a. The flag is often incorporated into the Tea Party movement. Due to its association with the Tea Party some people view the flag as a racist symbol.
b. The flag is also often incorporated in libertarian movements. Part of the symbolism behind the rattlesnake was to not initiate force but to be strong in defending yourself, a common libertarian belief.

4.What commonplaces are embedded in the artifact? Or, how does the artifact comment on commonplaces?
Commonplaces embedded in the Gadsden flag are the value and belief in American freedom and liberty. American’s love to talk about freedom. The flag is often used in response from overbearing government.

5. What makes the artifact “civic?” How does the artifact frame the civic?
A. The flag is civic in the fact that it started as a flag of protest to government control and policy and it continues to be a symbol of those same ideals. Although we’re not in a physical war like we were against Britain many can say we’re in a sort of  political war against higher taxes, liberty restrictions and forced unwanted laws and policies.


1. To be civic is to be able to question the actions and policies of your own government. The Gadsden flag stands for and can be used exactly for that. What better way to be civic than to actively question overbearing policies and laws? What better way to be civic than to stand for liberty?


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RCL #3 – It’s What I Do

While reading Addario’s book I’ve noticed how easy it is to read and how well she creates an image for the reader. Her word choice is often times very casual and it feels like someone talking right you. Her choice of certain words can often create a scene that can easily be imagined. “Alyssa was wide-eyed and manic, convinced the Taliban were coming any minute. She chose the ledge outside our window as an escape route; if they came, she said, we would crawl along the narrow ledge and jump to the next building only a few feet over.” This small paragraph really stuck with me because of the phrase “wide-eyed and manic”. Words/phrases like this grab your attention and really giving you more of a feel for the emotions of a character and I think Addario does a great job of this throughout her story. Also when talking about Alyssa’s escape route I could really get a sense of their fear and anxiety.

I can use word choice to make my blog more exciting and also easier to imagine what I’m trying to describe. Some people might think of socks as boring. With my blog I want to show how fun and interesting socks can be. I get excited when I get a new pair.

When talking about socks there are two major things that I will need to get across often; how they feel and how they look. Using certain words I can give a more accurate description of the socks. While I will provide pictures of some of the socks it is important that I use word choice to help my audience imagine the socks. I’ve worn many different pairs from many different companies. All brands feel different and have different styles. Lots of my socks have very detailed designs. I could simply say that I have a pair with breakfast foods on them. It would be better however to say “I have a pair of socks with various breakfast foods spread across a black background. Sprawled across the socks are a fat stack of syrup-covered pancakes, crisp bacon next to sunny-side-up eggs, and a side of steaming coffee”.

RCL #2 – It’s what I do

Nana’s story of love was quite interesting. It makes you think whether or not it’s better to gamble a little and pursue your passion or to pick the more stable option. Addario includes this story partly because she said she could never forget it. It was powerful enough to stick in her mind. The reason it stuck with her is because she doesn’t want to regret not pursuing her passion. Addario seems to be bought in totally to her passion, photography. She asked her father and his partner to give her money that would be reserved for a wedding, up front instead, so that she could invest it in her career. This is a big and bold move that really goes to show how much her passion means to her. Lots of people choose to pursue their passion as a career but this can often be extremely challenging. It’s often scary because the pursuit of a passion isn’t usually an easy career path. With the struggles of pursuing your passion as a career comes lots of doubts and uncertainties that can be terrifying.


As I am writing about my passion for crazy socks I cannot necessarily recall specific advice. Reading about Nana’s story and her thoughts on missing out on passion makes me think of a career. Pursuing a career through a passion is something most of us strive to do. Now as of right now I don’t intend to have a career that incorporates crazy socks. However recently I’ve been thinking about being a Behavioral Psychologist. This would incorporate my interest of Psychology and my curiosity of Business. There are plenty of sock brands out there that could use help with their marketing and overall selling of socks. I’ve been told many times before “No matter what you do in life, find something you love”. Well I definitely love socks.

RCL #1 – It’s what I do

When I was told to find a passion to write my blog about, I immediately thought of basketball. Basketball has been a part of my life since I was 8 but really became my passion around age 11. I became obsessed with it; reading, watching, and playing as much as I could. I would stay up late to watch games, got a hoop for my door (I broke several of them too), and filled my head with as much knowledge on the history of the game as I could. I eventually became the bookkeeper for my school team and remained with them for 5 years. Basketball is still a passion and obsession of mine. I think about it everyday and always try to play whenever I can.


Maybe you’ve noticed but if not you surely will sometime, I wear many different kinds of socks. I no longer wear solid color socks and I haven’t for quite some time. I have probably at least 60 pairs of socks that you could call “funky”, “silly” or “fancy”. I’m not just talking different patterns either. They range from anything from NBA players, to animals, to pizza and beer, to green eggs and bacon, to superman socks with capes. I plan on collecting more and more socks. Keep your eyes out for them next time I’m in class.