Spring 2020 Issue

The Dangling Modifier invites papers for its Spring 2020 issue. The issue’s theme is underrepresentation in the writing center.

Topics to consider when submitting your paper include but are not limited to tutors and/or clients in underrepresented groups (LGBTQIA+ writers, multilingual writers, nontraditional students, writers with disabilities, and writers of color), linguistic inclusion in the writing center, interdisciplinarity in the writing center, and more. We also welcome papers that interpret the theme of underrepresentation broadly and creatively.

The Dangling Modifier prefers shorter submissions (500-1000 words), but we’re flexible. We also appreciate articles and stories that display the writer’s understanding of the writing center field and how their ideas connect with others (in short, try to cite some relevant literature).

We will be accepting submissions from December 15 to March 01. Email submissions to danglingmodifier.psu.edu@gmail.com.