About Us

The Dangling Modifier launched in the fall of 1994, the brainchild of Penn State writing tutors who had just returned from the National Conference on Peer Tutoring in Writing (NCPTW) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Ron Maxwell, Director of the Penn State Writing Center at the time, recalls the tutors’ excitement: “Tutors from the Penn State Writing Center staff returned from the conference excited and inspired. ‘I wish we could do that twice a year,’ they chimed. ‘Wouldn’t it be terrific to talk with tutors from other places more often during the year?’ The tutors who had not been able to attend were interested in the idea of ‘talking’ with other tutors. And so the idea for a national newsletter was born. We were not certain if other tutors would be interested in a national newsletter. Response to our summer survey, however, told us they were. We decided to create a model newsletter and present it at the ’94 conference” (The Dangling Modifier).

The Dangling Modifier, produced in association with the NCPTW has continued to follow Maxwell’s vision: we are a publication for peer tutors and by peer tutors.

Maxwell also envisioned the editorship of The Dangling Modifier passing from one writing center to another. Beginning in the fall of 2016, we would like to return to this vision. If your writing center would like to produce and edit The Dangling Modifier, please contact us at danglingmodifier.psu.edu@gmail.com.

"Nobody Understands," by Shaun Tan
No writing tutor should feel like they are alone in the world! The Dangling Modifier exists to bring us all together as a community of educators, tutors, thinkers, writers, and resplendent humans.



The artwork on this page is created and copywritten by Shaun Tan, and is entitled “Nobody Understands.”