Persuasive Essay and Advocacy

For my paper/advocacy project(s), I want to write about mental health awareness. I feel like everyone everywhere is worried about the physical health of others–especially for those with serious physical disabilities. I don’t usually feel many people are concerned with those with mental disabilities/disorders, which are usually just as bad, if not worse than many physical disabilities. As well, from knowing many personal friends who have mental disorders, I know there is not an openness about talking about mental illnesses and therefore many people who have them feel like “freaks” because there is a lack of knowledge about these diseases and so those who have them feel uncomfortable talking about it. Keeping quiet about these things is the very last thing they should be doing.
Really I am extremely motivated to write about this–mainly because I have known many people to have mental illness, even very severe cases which have become suicidal at points. I have heard form some friends how it feels for them to go through all that they do and I know there needs to be a change in our society to fix this. If people who crucially need help don’t feel comfortable sharing, they will most-likely keep quiet and there condition will worsen for them, it can be fatal. Not only do more people need to be informed with it, they need to be taught how to be a support group for those going through it. I’m not sure how exactly I will format this, but I just know this is a very important topic for me–especially being a (an English and) Psychology major and, like I said before since I have friends who suffer through it.

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  1. Erin, I see great promise from you in pursing this topic for your project, and as I said earlier, I’ll be glad to help by providing my own personal experiences. However, I feel I must warn you that changing society is difficult and takes forever, so maybe that should not be your primary goal for this project. Maybe simply try to be more informative?

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