Monthly Archives: June 2012

R 2.15.1 Available

Ubuntu packages for the latest release of R are now available on CRAN and RutteR PPA. If you have either repository installed, Ubuntu should have updated R automatically. If you do not have either repository isnallted, see the Installing R tab above.

The announcment from the R Core Team about 2.15.1 can be found here.

For Ubuntu (and Debian) users, the following has also been added:

  • src/X11/*: Applied revised patch by Philip Johnson to to set the X11 icon and window class for improved desktop experience; patch source and support files are in debian/icon-class-patch/.
  • debian/rules: Install icon png file and desktop file from Philip too
  • debian/r-base-core.dirs: Add two directories for icon and desktop

In short, this means when you create windows from within R, the R logo will appear in the window title bar (if your desktop has that feature enabled) and in any application that manages your windows.