Backporting R 3.0.0 to Quantal, Precise, and Lucid

Today (May 4, 2013) I will begin the process of backporting R 3.0.0 to Quantal, Precise, and Lucid. This will include all the recommended packages and the packages for R found in the universe repository for Ubuntu. Things to keep in mind:

  • If you do not want to receive these upgrades and you use the CRAN repositories or my Launchpad PPA, please remove them from your apt/synaptic sources lists. This will keep you on your current versions.

  • You could pin the old versions (search google for “apt pinning”), but since updates will only be coming for R 3.0.0, it is easier to just remove the repositories.

  • This should be complete by Monday, but it may take longer depending on server load.

After the update process, base R and the recommended packages will be found on CRAN while all the other packages can be found at my PPA.

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