c2d4u and RRutter Ubuntu PPA Updates

On January 27, 2014 Raring Ringtail (13.04) reached end of life. I have been slowly removing the Raring repositories from the RRutter PPA, c2d4u PPA, and CRAN. I think I have most of that cleaned up, so there is no longer support for R in Raring from my sites.

In April, Trusty Tahr will be releases. This is Ubuntu 14.04 and a LTS. I have already added Trusty to the RRutter PPA and c2d4u PPA. Once Trusty is officially released, I will also make it available on CRAN. Initially, all the packages on c2d4u are copied from Precise. This saves building 2000+ packages on the PPA. New and updated packages will be built for Trusty and Precise, with the Saucy packages copied from Precise.

Since Ubuntu has moved to the shorter life span model for non-LTS releases, this will be my approach. Base R and the recommended packages (the RRutter PPA) will be built against each release, but on c2d4u I will only be building pacakges for the last two LTS releases. Any non-LTS releases on c2d4u will consists of packages copied from the a previous LTS. This may create some strange naming conventions for the packages on c2d4u, but most users will never notice. If something does not work, please let me know.

Finally, I have been playing around with the download stats available from PPA via the Launchpad API. As of noon on March 14 (Happy Pi Day!), here are the download numbers for the “r-base” (version 3.0.3) package:

  • Precise: 302
  • Saucy: 143
  • Lucid: 10
  • Quantal: 9
  • Trusty: 4

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