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cran2deb4ubuntu Updated for R 3.0.1 and Ubuntu 13.04

It has taken a long time, but cran2deb4ubuntu has been updated for R 3.0.1. Over 1000 R packages are available as .deb files (with dependicies) for Ubutnu 13.04 (raring), 12.10 (quantal) and 12.04 (precise).

These packages can be found at the c2d4u PPA. Instructions on how to install the PPA can be found on this webpage.

Hopefully, I have updated every package. If one has slipped through the cracks, please let me know via mail (marutter@gmail.com). The package list is based on the the CRAN Task Views, so if a package you use is missing, the best way to get it into c2d4u is to get it added to an appropiate Task View.