Immersive technologies are making our lives better. At the minimum they make them tremendously more exciting. While envisioned decades ago, immersive technologies only now enter mainstream as tech giants like Google, Apple, Samsung, and Microsoft, to name just a few, push the technology through massive investments and have successfully addressed cyber sickness and affordability issues.

With immersive technologies becoming a phenomenon of mass communication it is essential to conceptually and empirically address how they change education and learning and how they foster insights that other technologies are falling short of delivering. There are unique characteristics of immersive technologies as a medium that have the potential to be disruptions to existing communication paradigms. One example is the ability to present spatial environments at scale that otherwise have to be scaled down to, for example, fit on a screen.

This symposium will bring together educators and researchers that address questions of how immersive technologies change their approach to learning and understanding. While we are certainly in need of conceptual clarification we particularly encourage empirical contributions.

For more details see the Call for Papers.