I spent some more time today going through the shoebox full of photos and negatives from the Alumni Association’s 2002 Antarctic trip that I hosted, and scanning some of the ones that seemed to be keepers. I’ve included a handful here.

I should also mention that my friends Elaine and Jim Keller—I met them on that Penn State trip and have been friends with them ever since—corrected me on something I said in yesterday’s post. I remember our ship, the Marco Polo, as being a retired Soviet icebreaker, but Elaine and Jim said no, it was a cruise ship that just had some icebreaking capabilities. A check of Wikipedia shows that they’re right: It was built as an ocean liner for a Soviet shipping company in the 1960s (I knew the Russians were involved somehow!) and was called the Aleksandr Pushkin back then. It has changed hands a few times; at the time of our cruise in 2002, it was operated by the Orient Lines.

The ship we’ll be using next January, by the way, is a big upgrade from the Marco Polo: We’ll be on Le Boreál, a five-star luxury cruise ship.

Anyway, below are some more photos from that trip back in 2002—all scanned from Kodacolor negatives.

This was our group on the 2002 trip. I coulda sworn I ironed that banner.
A Zodiac boat at Port Lockroy.
A blue-eyed shag, also known as an imperial shag or Antarctic cormorant.
After visiting the penguins, you had to get your boots rinsed to remove what they euphemistically called “mud.”
Gentoo penguins at Port Lockroy, with the Marco Polo in the background.
A gentoo penguin (or, as they say in Spanish, pinguino) and its chick.
A pair of gentoo penguins, one of them with its nondescript gray chicks.
At Deception Island, which is in a volcanic caldera, some members of the Penn State group took a swim in the (relatively) warm water.

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