The Colors of St. John’s, Newfoundland

In yesterday’s post on the world’s most colorful cities, I mentioned St. John’s, Newfoundland. I visited there in 2004 and I’m sure I took photos of the colorful houses in the “Jellybean Row” neighborhood, but I’ll spare you having to look at those images. For one, this was back in the days of film, so whatever pictures I took on that trip are stuffed in a box in my upstairs closet somewhere. But I also don’t remember my photos from St. John’s as being particularly good. Certainly not as good as the ones my friend Dale Keiger took.

Dale is a pal of mine from the alumni magazine world; he’s editor of the very fine Johns Hopkins Magazine and someone I’ve known since my first year at The Penn Stater back in 1996. And he’s an excellent photographer. I remember him visiting St. John’s a few years back and posting some great images, so the other day I asked if he’d share a few with me. He sent me the five photos I’ve posted below—just click on the first one to see it bigger, then hit “next image” to see the rest.

Dale has a blog of his own; you can visit it here.

(Header photo: John Jedore)