I plugged in the flash drive and nothing happened. I received the error message “Flash drive not formatted correctly.”

Solution #1: Try using an appropriately formatted flash drive.

Flash drives must be formatted as FAT32 or HFS+ in order to be used with the One Button Studio. Other formats will not work. Note: SD cards with adapters and novelty flash drives do not work in many instances.

How To Reformat a Flash Drive on a Mac →

Solution #2: Make sure that Volumes is selected upon launch of the OBS application.

It’s possible that this window may be behind the OBS Application if it is in full screen. If you are not sure, Quit the OBS Application, relaunch it, selct Volumes and then put the OBS Application into full screen.
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Solution #3: Ensure that no additional volumes other than Macintosh HD are mounted to the system prior to plugging in a flash drive.

Some users have report errors with Boot Camp partitions or external drives attached to the OBS computer. Disconnect all drives not being used for recording.
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