There is no video on the flash drive.

Solution #1: Drive was removed too early. Recover video from Mac Mini.

In some instances, users may not wait to receive confirmation that they can remove their flash drive from the kiosk or there may be a bad connection between their flash drive and the USB hub.  When this occurs, a second copy of their recording is retained on the internal hard drive of the Mac Mini.  Check the Home > Movies directory for the timestamped file.
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Solution #2: Check the flash drive for defects.

Many flash drives that are given away on campus and off are very cheaply made. These drives have been noted to have up to a 20% failure rate when working with the One Button Studio. In these cases, another flash drive is recommended.

Solution #3: The Mac Mini is out of hard drive space. Delete files from the Movies directory.

On rare occasion, the Mac Mini will run out of space on its internal hard drive due to all user videos being saved in the Home > Movies directory in addition to on flash drives. When this occurs, recordings will not save to either flash drive or the Movies directory. To fix this, clear space by deleting the oldest to newest files in the Movies directory.

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