Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers candy bar was introduced back in 1932 as the third candy created by the Mars Company. The original package contained three different flavored pieces of candy: chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. At the time it cost only a nickel for all three pieces.

During World War II, the United states decided to ration sugar. Because it was so expensive to make all three chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavors, the company decided to make only one. Starting in 1945, three Musketeers was sold as a single bar made with only the delicious chocolate nougat. The candy was marketed as so big that it was able to be shared with two friends.

On the 75th birthday of Three Musketeers, the company decided to come out with a limited edition mint flavor. This flavor, released in 2007, became such a hit that it is still being sold today.

Some of the other flavors experimented with in the early 2000’s include mocha, strawberry, cappuccino, French vanilla, cherry, orange, and raspberry. These were not as successful, however, and were only sold for a short period of time.

The two key components of the candy are chocolate and nougat. To make the special nougat, egg whites are whipped until they have a light texture with a specific frothiness. Sugary syrup is added to keep the foam maintained to a certain degree. Other flavors are then added to this frapp and the nougat is done. After this stage, it is shaped and dipped in a delicious chocolate coating.

Nougat was originally put into candy bars so it resembles the flavor and texture of ice cream. In fact, this is why, in the past, candy bars that contained nougat were often served frozen.

This yummy candy was always one of my favorites. Three Musketeers were always put insideĀ  goodie bags after parties when I was a kid. I just could never get enough of the chocolates! I do have to admit, they may never have made it to the first place on my list of favorite candies, but they stayed a consistent second place all throughout my childhood. (The first place would always be taken by my beloved Milky Ways.)

Fun Fact: Outside of the United States and Canada, a Three Musketeers is called a Milky Way!




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