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The History Behind Sweets

Without any other dietary constrictions, eating five fun sized candy bars to our diets each week adds one pound onto the scale, and can add up to four pounds each month. The United States is the largest consumer of candy in the world today, and 65% of our American candy brands have been around for over five decades. In the past, some sweets have even been blamed for infirmities. The candy that we ate, and our parents ate, and our grandparents ate are extremely similar. It seems that only time changes, because the treats enjoyed by children  in the Victorian Era are still being enjoyed by children today. Here is what I found out about the history of different candies…

About the Author: Hello! My name is Olivia and I am a freshman at Penn State University. I am majoring in Nursing and hoping to minor in Italian. I am from the Westchester/Putnam County area of New York and of Italian, Polish, and Lithuanian descent. My hobbies include playing the piano or the violin, cooking dinner for my family, and going on road trips. I am a coffee lover with a sweet tooth- which is why I created this blog. Enjoy!