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A Project-Based, Thematically Driven Interdisciplinary Collaboration 

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The goal of this pedagogical experiment is to discover how collaboration across disciplines can create a project-based and thematically driven course content experience that is more focused, satisfying, and relevant to 21st Century students.

Objectives of the experiment include the following:

  • To foster communication across disciplines, such that faculty have unprecedented understanding of content in collaborating courses.
  • To allow faculty to both observe and respond to the manner in which content of one course affects the collaborative whole, and how coursework calibration toward that goal can better serve the same.
  • To supercharge students’ ability to “connect the dots” among seemingly unconnected education experiences, and more clearly express possible synergies between general education and major curricula.
  • To create student-driven, thematically linked projects through an iterative, cyclical and process-centric approach to coursework.
  • To enhance conventional pedagogical outcomes with a suite of work that has cultural impact and significance beyond the academy.