Utility Rights-of-Way Wildlife Research at Penn State
Plant and animal community response to long-term vegetation management on rights-of-way

The Rights-of-Way as Habitat Working Group is hosted and facilitated by the Energy Resources Center at the University of Illinois-Chicago.

This Group is a collaboration of biologists, foresters, engineers, educators, and other stakeholders that have a common interest in habitat conservation on ROWs.

The Metrics and Targets Task Force of the ROW as Habitat Working Group is in the process of developing a Pollinator Habitat Scorecard that can be used by a variety of organizations (industry, government, NGOs, academia, etc.) to perform pollinator habitat assessments and monitoring. The challenge is to create a Scorecard that is both user-friendly and rigorous—able to be used by anyone, regardless of background, region, or objective, and also employs standardized methodology and metrics that yield data which can be used to identify and assess the quality of pollinator habitat.

In October 2018, Dr. Hannah Stout joined the Working Group and the Task Force at their meeting in Chicago, to help provide entomological insight as the Pollinator Habitat Scorecard moves forward.