These maps will help orient you to the location and landscape of the State Games Lands 33 Rights-of-Way Research and Demonstration Area.  Please click on the interactive map to learn more about the plant, bird, and bee species that we have documented at this research site since 2015.

Static Maps
State Game Lands 33 Surrounding Landscape

Interactive Map
State Game Lands 33 Treatments and Species Information

Note on treatment names

As this project has developed over the past 65 years, treatments have been modified due to changing application techniques and herbicide development. Therefore, on this map, only hand-cutting sites (HC-1; HC-2), mowing site #4 (M-4), low volume basal site #1 (LVB-1), and high volume foliar site # 2 (HVF-2) remain in original treatments. All other sites (regardless of designation) have evolved into some form of integrated vegetation management (IVM) treatment. Exact treatment on these IVM sites, therefore, may vary across each treatment cycle due to site conditions. Floral and faunal information should be interpreted with this in mind.