Thirteen years ago, a promise was made to a group of squirmy and excited Daisy Girl Scouts, who had just started kindergarten. If we stayed in Girl Scouts until our Senior year of high school, we would go on a trip to Europe. At that point, senior year had seemed like a lifetime away and would never come. So, our group of hyper kindergarteners promised each other that we would make it to senior year and go on this once in a lifetime experience together.

But as the years went on and we go closer to Senior year, more and more of our group left. They either lost interest, chose sports over Girl Scouts, moved away, or went to different troops. Our impressive group of nineteen five year olds, fell until there were only five, seventeen year olds. But, our leader, who happens to be my mom as well, fulfilled her promise and took the five of us on a two-week expedition through England, Switzerland and Italy. The journey to Europe was a long and hard one but it was worth it in the end.

Getting on the plane, finally on our way to Europe was an exhilarating experience. Not because it was my first time on a plane or even my first time traveling to a different country, but because this trip was the first one I worked hard for and earned. In order to pay for the trip, we had to fundraise 4,000 dollars in four years. My determination resulted in me raising the money in two.

When the day finally came to board the plane, I felt like I had been transported back to my Daisy days. I remembered the brightly colored room we met in, the scratchy carpet we sat on and the promise we made. Right in front of my eyes, this promise became a reality. I sat down in my seat, closed my eyes and just thanked the little girl inside of me who decided to stick out all of those years of Girl Scouts, because without her I wouldn’t have been there.

Now here came the worst part of the trip, the flight. Crammed into a small space, with one hundred of your closest friends for the next eight hours is not the best situation to be in for a long period of time. But here are some tips on how to survive for those long overnight flights.

  • Bring layers
    • Even in the middle of summer, being that high up makes the temperature cold, (especially with a window seat) and those thin blankets they give you, do nothing!
  • Invest in a good neck pillow
    • The pillow they give you sucks too!
  • Bring snacks
    • Airplane food is as gross as it sounds. If not possible, go for the vegetarian option. It’s usually the least likely to make you sick.
  • Drink water
    • Dehydration is no joke, especially if you plan on getting off the plane and going right into exploring.
    • Jet lag kills any adventure. Take advantage of those eight or so hours, turn off your phone, don’t watch a movie and sleep. I promise, you will thank me!

That’s all I have for today! Join me next time and let’s get lost in England together!

One thought on “It All Started With A Daisy

  1. Well, I guess my last comment about wanting to know more about your girl scout story is meaningless now. This story is really interesting. I like how even though many of the girls had to leave the troop the promise was kept to the few loyal and driven enough to stay the course. I would’ve liked to hear more about your personal experience in the troop. Did you ever have thoughts of quitting? Was the promise of the trip the only thing keeping you there? This was a great intro story and I look forward to reading about your experiences abroad.

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