Like I said in my previous post, Italy is by far one of my favorite destinations I have traveled to. Each city has their own gems and iconic tourist traps that are just too amazing to miss.



The most iconic and beautiful places to go in Florence is the Florence Cathedral. This medieval cathedral took over two hundred years to fully construct and is the main church in Florence. The buildings that make us the church are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is situated in the historic center of Florence. I haven’t actually been inside the cathedral because of the time constraints we had in the city but the outside is breathtaking enough. Every single angle is picture perfect.

Another thing I wouldn’t miss out on is shopping in Florence. The small huts situated in the squares are full of beautifully constructed handbags and leather goods that Florence is most known for. There are also so many small, unique shops that you can just stumble upon and fid the most beautiful stuff. One of our favorite stores is a small paper goods store that’s in a small alley right off the main square, that has beautiful leather-bound journals and another that had hand painted paper. I cannot stress enough how amazing the souvenirs in Florence are.


I’m not going to lie, Pisa was not one of my favorite places to visit. The actual place where the leaning tower is absolutely breath taking but the walk from the bus stop to the area is grueling, especially in the summer. Its long without any shade and you have to pass through a tourist trap that is known for its pickpockets.

However, once you get to where The Leaning Tower stands, it is a pretty cool site. I would definitely recommend going just to say that you have been also so you can get the iconic picture of you holding up the tower. That was probably my favorite part, was seeing the people everywhere just holding their hands up taking pictures. It was really funny.

The Basilica there is gorgeous too. There were many elements in the Basilica that showcased Muslim and Arab architecture elements combined with the Catholic architecture elements. For example, the arches in the Basilica where pointed at the top instead of rounded. This point was much more relevant in Mosques during that time period then Catholic church. It was very interesting to see the combination of elements from religions that are supposedly considered so different from each other.


How can you go to Italy and not visit Rome?

Top places to go in Rome:

The Colosseum…. duh

Where else can you see that type of history?

The Pantheon

Did you know this used to be a Roman temple but then was converted to a Catholic church?

Speaking of Churches

St. Peter’s Basilica

This is the world’s largest basilica in Christianity. You can also see Michelangelo’s masterpiece.


The Roman Forum

The Forum is the excavated heart of the Roman Empire. It literally looks like a city built for the Gods.

Thanks for following me on this journey. Keep exploring!

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