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Last semester I wrote all about my most recent trip to Europe. From walking through London’s cobblestone streets, to hiking through Switzerland’s mountains, to driving through Italy’s groves, we traveled and visited so many places and yet there are so many more places I want to go. I have been bitten by the travel bug and with the opportunity to travel abroad I want to explore my top five bucket list of places I want to go before being shackled to medical school.

5. Morocco

            The colors and the culture have always fascinated me. The meticulous artwork and stonework that cover their architecture is like no other. Morocco is also some place completely different from everywhere else I have ever been. Although I have been several places no place compares to Morocco and their mixture of Arad and Berber populations. I have always wanted to get lost in the Fez Medina, go camel trekking in the Sahara and just exploring Marrakesh.

4. Ireland

            Both of my parents have ancestors from Ireland. I have always wanted to visit a place that is so ingrained in my family history. I want to get a car and drive along the coat to see the moors and to just get lost in the country side. I also want to stay in a castle and go to the cliffs edge. The city of Dublin also looks amazing to visit and I really want to go and experience a pub. The rolling green landscapes and the opportunity to get lost among breathtaking valleys and coves is what draws me to Ireland.

3. Amsterdam

            I want to cruise through the historical canals and get lost amidst this modern and colorful county. This is where I plan to study abroad. I want to be centralized so I have the ability to travel to many different places while I am abroad and Amsterdam is the perfect place to be. Each home is colorful and just seems so full of life. Full of picture perfect scenes and interesting museums. They have the largest Vincent van Gough collection that traces through his troubling life. Van Gough is my favorite artist and I would love to see the collection of his work in person.

2. Greece

            For the longest time, I have dreamed about going to Greece. I was and have always been a huge history buff, especially Roman and Grecian history. I think it goes back to the Percy Jackson series and the magic behind their ancient gods but I have desired to go there for a long time. The ancient ruins, the magical sunsets, the spell binding landscapes, everything just calls to me. The crisp white and blue buildings in Santorini just look absolutely breathtaking. There are so many places and ancient ruins I want to visit I think it will take a few trips or a long stay to see it all.


1. Paris

            The instantly recognizable architecture and the allure of the city is what draws me to Paris. It’s one of the only cities that could possibly beat out Greece for my top spot on my bucket list. From the street artists, to the markets, to the Eiffel Tower, to the Louver and Versailles, to Notre Dame, to Monet’s Garden and finally to the Catacombs that span the underground of the city, there are so many sites to see and places I want to go.  I just want to get lost in this city and never be found.


2 thoughts on “My Travel Bucket List

  1. As a person who wants to travel more can I just say I love the topic you chose for your blog, also you’ve been to like the coolest places ever, I hope I have the opportunity to travel to at least some of the places you’ve been. Anway also would like to say I also loved Percy Jackson, so I totally agree with you on Greece! I really enjoyed how you broke your blog up into the different places and numbered them. This made it super easy to read and stay engaged because it was short and concise. I also like how for each place you like personalized why you want to go there that not only makes the blog more personal, but it makes it more entertaining and fun to read. I also think that this post is super relatable because we all have a travel bucket list whether it’s to places near or far we all want to experience the world and we all enjoy seeing not only the places those around us have been but also the places they want to go, because who knows maybe it will inspire us to try and go to a new place. I also love the title of your blog and since that’s super important just wanted to say a great job. I really hope that in future blogs you continue to talk more in-depth about the places you want to go because I feel like that is just as engaging and interesting to read about as the places you’ve been. I think it would be cool if you maybe like planned a trip to somewhere or something like a travel agent would do as like a creative way to format and keep it informative and interesting for the readers but hey it’s just an idea. I can’t wait to read more about the exciting places you wish to go and have been to already! Good luck with the rest of your blog.

    I have to admit that France and Netherlands would be my first choice if I have a chance to travel to Europe. Vincent is definitely my favorite artist. I saw a duplicate of Starry Night in an art show that exhibited in Hangzhou when I was 8 years old. At first, I had no idea about Vicent’s life and his sad stories. When I move to the new house, my mom decided to hire someone to paint Fifteen Sunflowers as the mural on the wall. Look at the picture at first, the gorgeous golden sunflowers seem to be burning with the inner passion. However, I heard a song called Vincent by Josh Groban telling about how Van Gogh suffered his sanity, which inspired me to learn the story of Van Gogh. His most famous work was likely published in the last two years before his suicide, and afflicted by his mental illness. He draws the Starry Night only one year before he died at St-Remy Sanatorium. The swirling clouds in his haze and reflected in his eyes of China blue when no hope was left inside of his spirit on that starry night. I finally understand how you tried to set your sanity free without anyone listening, perhaps they would never understand.
    So, in the past three years, I did lots of research about Starry Night, and sadly I could feel the hopeless and Vincent‘s depression from that paint.

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