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I have been to many places and I have made every mistake you can think of when it comes to traveling. I have over packed, forgot to put on sunscreen, not broken in my shoes, got lost, and was late for museum tours. I can keep going but we would be here all day if I did. Through these mistakes I have made, I have learned so many tricks and tips on how to travel smarter and cheaper.


Tip 1: Plan ahead

For major tourist attractions, buy your tickets ahead of when you get to your destination. Places like the Vatican, the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, the and any other major attraction will have their tickets online. Most of these places have your admittance timed, meaning that you have to enter the museum or attraction during a certain window of time. If you know you want to get a specific time for a tour or visit it is so much easier to schedule these things in advanced instead of having to stand in a line for two to three hours just to get your tickets. Also, things like plane tickets and train tickets are cheaper the further out you buy them.

Tickets for the Eiffel Tower


Tip 2: How to Travel Cheap

Like I said above it’s much cheaper to buy plane and train tickets in advanced. Other money saving trips I have are cheap student flight websites like studentuniverse.com where I found a roundtrip flight from Baltimore airport to Paris, France with only one stop for $490 round trip. I found the same flight with American Airlines that would cost $618 round trip. Another thing to save money is to look for cheaper living arrangements. I found an Airbnb apartment 10 minutes from the Eiffel Tower for on $41 a night. A hotel I found in the same district as the Airbnb is about $230 a night. Another cheap option I staying in Hostels. I found private rooms starting at $35 a night. Also, don’t forget you student Id. Many museums and other things give student discounts until you turn 25.

Studentunivers.com Flight
American Airlines flight price
Hostel Room price
Hotel Room price


Tip 3: Only Carry-on Suitcases Allowed

I know you have heard this one a ton if you have read or researched any other tips and tricks to traveling but this is one rule I swear by. First of all, European Airlines have outrageously expensive baggage fees for checked bags. Second, you keep you back with you at all times so there is no chance you can turn up to your destination and your bag won’t. It also won’t be stolen or damaged during the flight. This is especially important if you plan on taking a train. Carry-ons can stay with you on a train but anything bigger must be checked and it is so easy for your bag to be stolen off a train.

This is the carry on I travel in for two weeks.

Tip 4: Pack Smarter Not Larger

I know the biggest complaint about carry-ons is that it’s impossible to pack for an extended trip and have enough room for souvenirs. I know it possible because I went to Europe for two weeks and all I took was a eBag backpack and I still managed to over pack. My biggest tip is to use packing cubes. It keeps your stuff organized in your suitcase and your living accommodations, you can pack so much more and they are so cheap (I found a set of 4 on Amazon for $20). Also roll your clothes. You can fit so much more in the packing cubes/suitcase and it saves your clothes from so many wrinkles. I also suggest getting a document holder that can hole your passport, flight information, extra money, credit card, and any other important document you may need. It keeps all of your important stuff organized, in one place and it’s also easy to keep in your day bag because it’s not smart to leave that stuff behind in a hostel or hotel.

Nice packing cubes

Hope this helps in your future travels!


One thought on “Tips and Tricks of Traveling

  1. Hi Katie!
    I was thrilled to read your blog about the tricks of traveling as I know you are an accomplished traveler. I am excited to travel to Anconcito, Ecuador this spring break and I believe that your tips will be very useful. As you I am a chronic over packer and I believe this space cubes will be very helpful. I am also always looking for a steal, so when I was booking my flight to Ecuador we used student universe and were able to find cheaper flights. This is an unknown treasure that should be more well know, so people should promote it. Finally, your tip to look for cheap housing is smart. I am looking to go to London with my sister next December and if we go those are the housing arrangements we will have. Many people are less inclined to stay at them because they are not that nice. However, it is cheap housing abroad so they should be promoted among college students.
    Can’t wait to read your blog again!

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